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Finding solutions to the problems in your life – pain, disease, emotional stress, relationships, and more – can be difficult. You need to find real, proven relief and a trusted guide through the healing process. That’s exactly what Tao Center Portland offers through our quantum information healing system.

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Join us for your free 15-minute consultation, where we will talk about what you want to change in your life. Do you want to decrease suffering or pain, increase your energy, or just live a more well-rounded healthy life? We can help.

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You are unique, and your healing plan should be too. We will develop a customized healing plan together to alleviate and address the root causes of suffering. With the power of science and an approach that puts you first, you’re on the road to recovery.

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This is not a band-aid, this is true healing. From healing physical suffering to emotional issues and challenges in relationships, find healing and peace and a better life. No side effects, no false promises – just real relief at the root level.

Healthier, Happier, and Richer Life With Quantum Information Healing System

How Quantum Information Healing System Works

Quantum Information Healing is a healing system that is based on the latest scientific research in quantum physics and life science.  This system can effectively help people to heal physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual challenges as well as difficulties in relationship, finance, and career safely and at a deeper level. It empowers people to live a healthier, happier, and richer life.

According to quantum physics, everything is a vibrational field at the deepest level. It consists of three elements: matter, energy, and information. Matter is what we experience, such as health, relationships, finance, career, and family. Energy can change and move matter. Information determines the status of matter and energy.

Life is a system that is best supported by positive information. Positive information in our personal field manifest as connection, order, and harmony. When our life is predominantly filled with Positive information, it brings good health, success, and prosperity in every aspect of our lives. Negative information in our personal field manifest itself as disconnection, disorder, and disharmony. When our life is predominantly filled with Negative information, it brings poor health, lack of success, and insufficient prosperity in every aspect of our lives.

The root cause of all difficulties, challenges, and sickness is the negative information trapped in our personal field.

Quantum Information Healing System transforms the negative information in our vibrational field into positive information. It can help heal every aspect of life at a deeper level effectively and safely.

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Quantum Information Healing System

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Certified Master Teachers and Healers


Rulin Xiu, PhD.

Berkeley graduate quantum physicist, Dr. Rulin Xiu, is co-founder of Tao Science and co-author of the book, Tao Science, with Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. Tao Science provides a way to unify science and spirituality at the fundamental level. It leads to advanced quantum information healing  technology. It can help heal at a deeper level not only physical sickness, but  emotional, mental, and spiritual challenges, as well as relationship, financial, and every aspect of life. Dr. Rulin is dedicated to helping heal and awaken people to their higher potential, greater  power, and deeper meaning of human life.


Paul Fletcher, CMTH

Paul Fletcher is a certified Master Teacher and Healer. Trained directly by Master Sha and his team for over 12 years, Paul is well versed in the wisdom and healing tools and techniques of all aspects of Tao Healing. Paul has offered over 1000 healings, hundreds of private consultations, and has led many group and online workshops.

His wealth of life experience enhances his ability to offer grounded and practical guidance while supporting the client on their pathway to wellness.

What is the Tao Calligraphy
Healing Field?

Quantum physics has proven that everything in our lives has a vibrational field. Our thoughts, feelings, relationships, cars, homes – they all have their own vibrational fields. Tao Calligraphy helps you transform negative energy into positive, healing energy that can change your whole life.

Upgrade Your Life with the Revolutionary Quantum Information Healing System. Experience affordable healing, free of negative medical side effects by finding the root cause.


A Proven Approach to Healing

Explore how the power of your vibrational energy field can help bring healing, with the proven power of quantum physics.


Tao Calligraphy is a revolutionary healing art based on the ancient art of Yi Bi Zi calligraphy. In the Tao Calligraphy Healing Field, you can relax, absorb the high frequencies, and let go of what blocks you from greater health, happiness, and success.


Meditate, chant or trace in the Tao Calligraphy Field to absorb the pure, positive information and high frequencies. Get rid of everything that stands in the way of your best life.


Get an infusion of Tao Source Light and frequencies from your head to your toes in a relaxing guided mediation with a Tao Calligraphy Healing Field Master Teacher and Healer.


Experience a unique form of Tai Ji movement designed to boost your energy, immunity and more. Bring the power and light of the Tao Calligraphy Field into the core of your body for healing, strength, power, and grounding.

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